Welcome to tilde.pink!
                           /o.-==-. .-. .-==-.o\
                           ||      )) ((      ||
                            \\____//   \\____//
                             `-==-'     `-==-'
       A tilde server of a different shade. tilde.pink is an open tilde 
       server, providing shell, email, and gopher/gemini accounts. We are
       a web free tilde using geomyidae to serve gopher, and  gemserv to
       serve gemini. tilde.pink runs on NetBSD. NetBSD is a unix-like
       operating system, similar to Linux, but different in many ways. If
       you're up to the challenge and want to learn new things, sign up
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       02 Oct 20 - We have shifted backups to Backblaze now. With that, 
       we are now using restic instead of borgmatic. Borgmatic never 
       seemed to get along well with NetBSD\'s cron. Also, Halloween is 
       almost here!
       16 May 20 - The upgrade to NetBSD 9.0 was a success. Thanks Ben
       for all the help! Goodbye 8.1, we'll miss you.
       15 May 20 - We have shifted gemini servers once again! We are now
       running gemserv. This server supports user directories from the
       get go. As soon as you create an index.gmi file in your
       public_gemini folder, it will be accessable from
       gemini://tilde.pink/~username/ A script runs every 15 minutes to
       look for new index.gmi files and adds a link on the main gemini
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       Today is Boomtime, the 10th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3186